Dr. Kroll's Health Solutions Chiropractic & Wellness

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305 Bush Street, Red Wing, MN 55066
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Phone number:
+1 651-388-4378


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Opening hours

Monday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Tuesday 12:00pm — 06:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Thursday 08:00am — 06:00pm
Friday 06:30am — 12:00pm
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Dr. Kroll's Health Solutions Chiropractic & Wellness

Reviews about Dr. Kroll's Health Solutions Chiropractic & Wellness

  • Jonathan Earl
    Nov, 29 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I'm not sure if Cathy works here or not. But that's what it says on her facebook page. I just want to let people know what kind of person she is, and what kind of people this business employs. (Sorry if she doesn't work there any more. Please contact me and I will take this review down.)

    I found Cathy via facebook marketplace. She was selling an 800 dollar gas stove. I contacted her, she said everything was in good working order. After me explaining to her I was a farmer, it was spring planting season, and I didn't have time to get to red wing to pick it up, offered to have her son deliver! Sounded great!

    I asked for the model and make, to make sure my local furnace guy could service it and get parts. She gave, I checked, all seemed good. Her son delivered, I paid my 800 bucks, plus 75 for her son to deliver, and we were done!

    Soon after, my furnace guy comes to my house to check out my recent purchase and finds that it is in fact NOT operable. It is in fact, 'dead on arrival'.. broken. Not working. Tells me it will take around 300 dollars to repair. I decide not to contact Cathy, even though she told me it was in good working order, and just pay the 300 bucks, because it's still cheaper than buying a brand new one.

    A week or so later, my furnace guy calls me and says that the company no longer sells the parts I need to fix the stove. And it is essentially worthless. Junk. Not in working order, and not fixable.

    I call Cathy. She is instantly defensive, and tells me 'that's what happens'.. She uses the example that her son just bought a 4 wheeler that needed some work. Says that 'that's how it goes'... I should just deal with it. Denies telling me that it worked when I bought it from her, and says it doesn't matter because I said that I had someone that could fix it if it was broken.

    About 5 minutes into the conversation, and after asking her if she would take any responsibility for the situation or if I was just out 800 dollars, she hung up on me. No goodbye, no sorry, no anything. Hung up on me mid sentence. And then would not answer her phone, and blocked me on facebook.

    This is not how responsible, intelligent, moral, ethical, kind, and honest people behave. If I were a consumer, and I am, and was of Cathy's, I would be very cautious of the kind of person she is. And the kind of business she does. How she handles conflict, customer service, and ultimately the product she sells and delivers.

    Long story short, Cathy Guse Phillips screwed me out of 800 dollars, then acted like a 12 year old by hanging up on me and blocking me on facebook, after lying to me, selling me a defective product, and telling me 'that's how it goes sometimes'....
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